Make a Short Stab Film for Our YouTube!

Guidelines for Stab Fan Films 

1. The film must be under 20 minutes. 
2. The film must feature Ghost Face on camera. (Ghost Face has its own terms and conditions of use that you can read below.) 
3. The film must take place inside of’s Stab universe, meaning the film must reference characters or events from our movies. It can take place in Manchester, New Hampshire or anywhere, as long the film is somehow connected to our films. 
4. There must be at least one death scene involved. The entire short film should feel like the opening scene to a Scream/Stab movie but can also include the killer reveal and final showdown between Ghost Face and the hero of the story. 
5. You are responsible for writing the script, casting, directing, producing, and editing the film. 
6. We must have final input on the script. 
7. There must be no copyrighted music, logos, or characters in the film. 
8. We can help score the movie with music if you don’t have access to copyright free music. 
9. The films cannot be posted anywhere other than our official YouTube channel. We will give you credit and link back to your channels by request. 
10. The title of the film must be “Stab” followed by a second word. For instance, “Stab Fan” is the first film being produced for this series. 
11. There is no pay or compensation of any kind for participating in this project. It’s all for fun and for the love of collaborating with other Scream fans! 
12. We reserve the right to not post your film, should you violate any of these provided guidelines.

Here are the guidelines for using Ghost Face: