New Stab 3 Poster!

Stab 3 will premiere on our YouTube and Website on October 1, 2023!

The Stab Art Project

9 Artists, 9 Stab Movies, 9 Posters. Welcome to The Stab Art Project, where each artist has designed a poster for a Stab movie. This is a tribute project created by Ricardo Ferllen (@rikiege). Artists team:

Rafael Araújo…

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Stab 3 Coming 10/1/23

Stab 3: Holiday Horror release date set for October 1, 2023! The movie will premiere exclusively on our YouTube and our website!

New Images from Stab 3

Check out some of these brand new stills from Stab 3: Holiday Horror! There's more on the movie's page!

New Stab 3 Poster

Check out the new Stab 3 poster featuring the entire cast!

Stab 3 Production Begins!

Filming on Stab 3: Holiday Horror begins tomorrow! We will most likely release the film on YouTube in October of this year! Check out the first shot filmed for the movie!! We have a snowy, Christmas setting to set the…

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Stab 3 Update

Stab 3 filming begins in 2 weeks and will be released later in the year!!



We need to clean out some storage space within the next week or two, which means all of our screen used props and costumes need to go! These one of a kind items won't be available for much longer, so…

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Stab 9?!

This promo image for #ScreamVI shows a sign that advertises Stab 9 AKA Stab IX. Do we think it's real? Who knows. We'll find out when Scream VI premieres!