Stab 4 Script Complete

The script for Stab 4: Knife of Doom is complete and we are in pre-production! We will be filming in Spring of 2024 and aiming for an October release date! Stay tuned for more info!


Goodbye Facebook

We deleted our Facebook page because it doesn't get nearly as much attention from our fans as the rest of our social media. RIP Facebook

SCREAM VI Stabathon Shirt

Our Stabathon shirt has been selling like crazy! Stabathon Logo from Scream 6 production. This is the cast version of the shirt. "Sixth annual" referring to Scream VI and "MTL" referring to where the movie was filmed, Montreal, Canada. 


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New Stab 3 Poster!

Stab 3 will premiere on our YouTube and Website on October 1, 2023!

The Stab Art Project

9 Artists, 9 Stab Movies, 9 Posters. Welcome to The Stab Art Project, where each artist has designed a poster for a Stab movie. This is a tribute project created by Ricardo Ferllen (@rikiege). Artists team:

Rafael Araújo…

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Stab 3 Coming 10/1/23

Stab 3: Holiday Horror release date set for October 1, 2023! The movie will premiere exclusively on our YouTube and our website!