Our third short film for our 12 Months of Terror, Thursday the 12th, has just premiered on YouTube! We get lots of requests to do a Friday the 13th fan-film, so, wish granted!! Check it out!



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12 MONTHS OF TERROR is a fan site known for reproducing the movies-within-the-“Scream”-movies, the “Stab” films, for free viewing, on their now massively popular YouTube Channel. With over 18 million views, their channel offers 4 full length films and several short films, mostly…Read more

True Love in Black and White

Since we already released our short film for February, we'll be releasing a special version of True Love on Valentine's Day in classic Black and White!!!

2015 Schedule

We'll be making this announcement officially on YouTube very soon but, our loyal readers, you get to hear it first! In 2015, will release 12 short films!!! One short film, every month, all year long! We believe you should… Read more

New Year's Resolution

Our next short film, New Year's Resolution, will premiere on our YouTube Channel at midnight on New Year's Eve!!

Stay tuned!!