What's Happening with Ghost Face and Fun World and SpyGlass

Lots of people are still asking about this, so we will clarify again. We were the ONLY fan films on the internet that had permission from Fun World (the company that makes the Ghost Face mask) to use Ghost Face in our films. We did not have a contract with them, we had an agreement with them that we could use the mask as long as we don't use it to make a profit. Our original agreement with Fun World was for us to create Stab 4-7 and everything in between. Although we did not complete a version of Stab 7, a decade has passed since our agreement with FunWorld was created and now they have a new contract with SpyGlass which restricts them from giving us and any one else permission to use the Ghost Face mask in fan films. We have not had any sort of contact with SpyGlass, only with Fun World. Fun World asked ask not to move forward with the reboot of Stab using the Ghost Face mask to prevent issues with their contract with SpyGlass. There are TONS of other Scream fan films on the internet that use the Ghost Face mask without permission, some that have just as many views as we do. However, like our previous films, they remain on the internet because they were created before the new contract with SpyGlass. If you are planning on creating your own Scream fan film, you need to contact @RJTorbert on Twitter and ask for permission to use the mask, which will not be granted because of their contract with SpyGlass. So the simple answer here is, no one, not even low budget, non profit fan films, can use Ghost Face without permission from Fun World, which will not be granted due to their contract with SpyGlass. Hence us using a new mask for our next movie. Ghost Face is the intellectual property of Fun World, so they have the right to do with it as they please. We have had a wonderful working relationship with Fun World over the years, so we know this is nothing malicious. They simply can't give any one permission to use the mask right now. If you use the mask without permission, you run the risks of having your videos removed and lawsuits.