Create Your Own Stab!

Hello Stabbers! We want to see your fan edits of the Stab reboot! We will be uploading all of the footage from the film to our YouTube channel, each scene will be uploaded individually and will have all of the takes from filming. 

First, you’ll need to get a program to download the videos from our channel before you can edit them. We recommend 4K Video Downloader. Once you’ve downloaded the videos, you can open them in your editing program, splice them apart and put them together! 

There are a few rules and guidelines: 

You may NOT use our videos, music or images for your own personal use. 
You can not add anything that is copyrighted into the videos, including videos, images and music. 
You may NOT upload the videos to your own YouTube channel or anywhere else, you’ll have to send us the files and we will upload them to our channel. You can send us the files scene by scene or the entire film using email or drobox or google files. 
Unless you create your own music, we will add in the soundtrack from the film ourselves. 
We have not included sound effects, so you will have to find or make your own! They can NOT be copyrighted! 
Try to make it your own! Use different takes and angles that we didn’t use. Feel free to cut lines and scenes, or reorder them! 
We will not be offering any assistance. If you don’t know how to edit, or don’t have a video editing program, do not participate as we will not be helping you throughout the process. 
We will upload ALL your fan edits to our YouTube and give you credit, so be sure to tell us how you want to be credited. 
The edits must include ALL of the credits from our movie but you may add yourself in an “edited by” credit. 
Have fun! There is no due date, we will upload the files as we receive them. 

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! 

Download 4K Video Downloader here: 

Download the Stab script here: 

All available scenes to download can be found here: