Stab 5: Clock of Doom

No actual storyline has ever been released for this movie, though in Scream 4 we learn that Stab 5 used time travel as a plot device!

The fan-created DVD case makes up a good backstory!

Ghostface goes back in time to eliminate the bloodline of Ashley Prescott, his victim that got away in Stab 4: Knife of Doom. What ensues is a chilling game of cat and mouse as the maniacal killer ends up in the year 1865 where he has only one goal; Find and terminate Mary-Anne Prescott, Ashley's Great-Great-Great Grandmother.

Based on the best selling crime novel of the same name by former reporter Gale Weathers-Riley.

Fun Facts

FUN FACT #1 This film was based on the Gale Weather's book "Clock of Doom."

FUN FACT #2 In Scream 4, this film is referred to as the worst film in the franchise due to its use of time travel.

FUN FACT #3 The subtitle "Clock of Doom" was never shown in the Scream movies on posters, DVD cases or on screen. It was added on the fan created DVD covers. So, it may not actually be part of the title of the film.

FUN FACT #4 The fan-made DVD case shows a larger version of the Buck 120 and the handle is facing backwards! Oops!

FUN FACT #5 In Scream 4, it was stated that Sidney threated to sue the studio if they used her story after Stab 3, so it's safe to assume that the Sidney character wasn't used again. However, in Scream 5, the killer says “Sidney was in all the Stab movies, except the last one.” So, who's right? We don't know and apparently neither do the writers of the Scream movies.