The Stab Art Project

9 Artists, 9 Stab Movies, 9 Posters. Welcome to The Stab Art Project, where each artist has designed a poster for a Stab movie. This is a tribute project created by Ricardo Ferllen (@rikiege). 

Artists team:
Rafael Araújo (@rafanorio)
Julien Rico Jr (@julienricojr)
Eileen Steinbach (@sg_posters)
Keith Goulette (@keithgdesigns)
Simon Heard (@sinage_design)
Pablo Vidal (@pablovidalart)
Jorge Teles (@jorgeteles31)
Agustin R. Michel (@agustinrmichel)
Ricardo Ferllen (@rikiege)
Guest artists: Heather Vaughan (@hvon88), Lucas Tetrault (@creativebylucas)