was founded by Joshua Patrick Dudley based on his love of horror movies and his desire to spend more time with his friends in a creative setting. He brought on his best friend, Rachel Alexandria Arnold, to be his partner in the process and the pair have worked together since our first movie. The cast is normally comprised of Joshua and Rachel's friends, co-workers, friends of friends and family members. Though we do have some out of state cast members, they have become a part of our extended family.

We never imagined that our insanely low-budget fan films would develop such a huge following and we can't thank our fans and supporters enough! Stab's 4-7 and the Stabbed short films were produced with a special arrangement from FunWorld, the creators and owners of GhostFace. We are literally the only fan films on the entire internet to get to use GhostFace with permission from FunWorld, something we consider to be quite the honor! However, you won't be seeing Stab 8 or anything new with GhostFace for a while, as that was not part of our agreement.

After over 22 million YouTube views, is taking a short break. We will continue to post original content from time to time but we won't be releasing any full length features for a year or two. BUT we DO have LOTS of surprise goodies coming your way, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and join our mailing list for all the latest updates!

"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. We make our movies for fun. That's been the plan since day one. We told ourselves when we started that if it ever felt like it wasn't fun anymore then that would be when we stopped making these movies. And lucky for us, it hasn't stopped being fun!" - Joshua Patrick Dudley