Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your Ghostface costume/robe?
@screamrobes on instagram! They make the absolute BEST replica robes and they even offer a special version! 

What type of fabric do you use for your costume?
Truth is... we don't remember. For the costume for our first few movies we hunted the internet for fabric and bought the first thing we could find. A little advice though, if you want this fabric, search for black fabric with silver "lurex." That should help a little. Or buy a costume from @screamrobes on instagram!

What kind of knife do you film with? Where can I buy a replica Buck 120?
Stab 4 and Stab 5 were filmed using a *real* Buck Knife 119. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND FILMING WITH A REAL KNIFE EVER! Stab 6 and the rest our Stab films feature replica Buck Knife 120's donated to us by Pop's Props, who no longer creates these replicas. Stab 7 features the same replica knives and a dulled down, real Buck 120. If you're trying to find a replica Buck 120... check out the Knives page to see where we got ours!

What type of camera do you film with?
Stab 4 was filmed on a FLIP Mino and Stab 5 was filmed on a Sony Bloggie and the last version of the FLIP camera. Stab 6 and the Trifecta of Terror were filmed on a Veho Kuzo. Stab 7, the more recent short films and Stab films through the Stab reboot were filmed on a Sony NEX-F3. From Stab 2 on we've been using a Sony G9.

What editing program do you use?
Stab 4 and Stab 5 were edited with Sony Vegas 9. Stab 6 and the Trifecta of Terror were edited with Final Cut Pro X. Stab 7: KOTH and Stab 7 were edited in Sony Vegas 12 and 13. And all of our newer films are edited with VEGAS PRO 16 and now we've upgraded to VEGAS POST (which is basically VEGAS 17). We alternate between Final Cut Pro, Vegs Pro and Adobe Premiere.

Where can I watch your movies?
You can watch all of our movies right here on our website and on our YouTube Channel

Why can't we watch the first 3 Stab movies?
When we decided to start making our Stab movies, Scream 4 had not yet been released. Only rumors that in Scream 4's script we would learn that they are now up to Stab 7. Joshua Patrick Dudley decided to start making the Stab movies with Stab 4 because we had already seen the first Stab in SCREAM 2 and though we never saw the second or third Stab film, it was established in Scream 3 that Stab 3's production had been shut down. We skipped making the new Stab 3 "Hollywood Horror" simply because we didn't want to re-make Scream 3. So production began on Stab 4: Fresh Blood and continued.

Will you make Stab 1, 2 and 3?
Negative. At one point, we had launched The Stab Project, where our fans could complete the first three Stab films. Unfortunately, many teams didn't complete their scenes and the project was never completed. However, now that we are rebooting the series we are making the first Stab, but it does not follow the Sidney Prescott storyline. However, we made our own, alternate versions of these films, not following the Scream storylines.

Why are there Scream movies inside your Stab movies?
We're trying to create original, Stab/Scream-themed fan films that everyone can enjoy. One of our favorite aspects of these movies is that they play on the levels of reality. In Stab 4, the Stab movies were real movies, but in Stab 5, the Stab movies weren't real, the Scream movies were.... doesn't make much sense for a Stab movie... but we like to think we've created a whole new Stab universe where the Scream movies are like the Stab movies... based on "real" events.... does that make sense? Also, I often wonder if the Stab movies are called "Stab" inside the Stab movies, or if they are called something else. So us calling it "Scream" could also be the title of the Stab movie in the Stab movie. Confusing, huh? But now we're sticking with they are all called Stab.

Why doesn't your Stab 5 have time travel?
When we decided to start making our Stab movies, Scream 4 had not yet been released. It wasn't revealed until Scream 4 that Stab 5 contained time travel. Also, it's super cheesy, even for us, and not practical or affordable for us to do. Though we did love our unused idea of seeing different Ghost Face masks through the ages! Love it so much that we rebooted the series, started again from the beginning and the new Stab 5 WILL have time travel!

Can I buy your movies on DVD or BluRay?
No. We make our movies for free online viewing! We spend our own money to make these movies for you to enjoy for free and we hope you do!

Can I be in your movies?
Maybe! We only cast actors over the age of 18 who can afford their travel expenses. Auditions are held about a year before production begins on each film and we normally churn out one film a year! Audition info can be found: here.

Can I write your next movie?
Nope. Joshua will continue writing our films.

Who makes these movies?
Joshua Patrick Dudley is the simple answer. Joshua Patrick Dudley and a ton of his friends is the full answer.

Where do you film your movies?
We film mostly in Manchester, NH and Bedford, NH, U.S.A. But we have also shot in Hollywood, Philadelphia, and all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

Who makes your promotional poster art and website?
Joshua Patrick Dudley.

Can I use your videos, music or images for my productions?
No. Joshua Patrick Dudley and our composers worked very hard creating all of our media specifically for and we do not allow others to use our media. Please do not use our media or steal our videos, music, sounds, images, logos or graphics for your own use.

Can you give me advice about filming my own Fan-Film?
Be prepared for the worst! Filming is a crazy process, nothing ever goes right the first time and if it does, something else will go wrong later! Make sure you have a solid script and actors who are committed to the project, who will actually show up when it's time to film! Plan out your shots and lighting before you get to the set! And take your time with the death scenes, they can be tricky... but a lot of fun to film! Good luck with your own films!

Will you read the script I wrote?
As much as we would love to hear all of your ideas, we simply don't have time to read other's scripts! We have movies to make! However, we do encourage you all to write! Writing is a great, fun experience!

How can I contact a Stab cast member?
Many of our stars have Twitter accounts or Facebook pages that we encourage you to "follow" and "like" to interact with our actors and actresses! Please don't add their personal accounts.