Stab 4: Knife of Doom (2004)

The Story of Stab 4: Knife of Doom

Fed up with the infamy surrounding her name, Sidney Prescott eventually threatened to sue Sunrise over their continued exploitation of her life story. (Plus, people generally stopped trying to kill her during this period, so there were no further stories to adapt or Gale Weathers’ books to license.) So the studio rebooted the Stab franchise entirely, starting a new original trilogy relating a fresh story.

Stab posters visible as part of the Los Angeles pop-up event Scream VI Experience gave us some new insight into the extended franchise in early 2023. We now know that a filmmaker named Max Feinberg helmed the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh entries in the Stab series, all of which were written by the extremely cleverly-named Will Kennison. See what they did there!? They switched the letters of Kevin Williamson’s first and last name!

Otherwise, not much is known about Stab 4 and there’s no footage from the film in any Scream movie. 

No actual storyline has ever been revealed for this movie, but here's what I came up with:

Stab 4: Knife of Doom takes us back before Hollywood, before Windsor College, before Woodsboro, to a small town in New Hampshire where 21-year-old Gale Weathers (Jessica Alba) is reporting for her college newspaper. When her best friend is brutally slain, Gale sets out to find the killer known as Ghost Face, a local urban legend with roots back to the 1800’s.  Can Gale solve the case before all of her friends are gruesomely murdered or will she land on the chopping block with them? 

Based on the book by Woodsboro survivor Gale Weathers and featuring a brand-new cast of fresh faces, Stab 4: Knife of Doom gives new life to the franchise... before Ghostface takes it away!

Fun Facts

FUN FACT #1 This film was based on the Gale Weathers' book "Knife of Doom."

FUN FACT #2 The subtitle "Knife of Doom" was never shown in the Scream movies on posters, DVD cases or on screen. It was added on the fan created DVD covers. So, it may not actually be part of the title of the film.

FUN FACT #3 In Scream 4, it was stated that Sidney threatend to sue the studio if they used her story after Stab 3, so it's safe to assume that the Sidney character wasn't used again. However, in Scream 5, the killer says “Sidney was in all the Stab movies, except the last one.” So, who's right? We don't know and apparently neither do the writers of the Scream movies.

Cast and Crew


Jessica Alba  as  Young Gale Weathers
Elizabeth Banks  as  Modern Gale Weathers
Devon Sawa  as  Unknown
Halle Berry  as  Unknown
Alyson Hannigan  as  Unknown
Roger Jackson  as  Ghost Face


Directed By
Max Feinberg

Written By
Will Kennison

Music By
Marco Beltrami

Produced By
Don Crosby
Bill Birch