Stab 7: Knife of the Hunter (2010)

The Story of Stab 7: Knife of the Hunter

We only get to see one brief sequence from the seventh Stab film. This one opens with Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin playing pals Chloe and Rachel. They’re watching the opening scene of Stab 6 together and offering snarky commentary about the predictability of horror films before Chloe stabs Rachel in the gut with a knife. Which pretty succinctly makes her point; I mean, she didn’t see that coming.

It has been debated whether Chloe and Rachel are watching the actual opening scene of Stab 6 or if they are watching the opening of Stab 6 from inside the Stab universe. Confusing, I know. But why would an audience sit through a 6 minute opening scene that they already sat through in the last movie, UNLESS, this is a remade version with different actresses playing the characters from the “real events” of Stab 6. What do you think?

This was the last film in the Stab franchise for nearly a decade, and the final entry in the franchise to remain true to the original’s murder-mystery “whodunnit” format.

No actual storyline has ever been revealed for this movie, but here's what I came up with:

Stab 7: Knife of the Hunter picks up right where Stab 6: Ghostface Returns left off. When 18-year-old Chloe (Kristen Bell) murders her best friend, the town puts her on trial for the previous Ghost Face killings, which she admits to but also reveals that she has a mysterious partner. As Chloe sits awaiting trial, her partner begins to target the entire town of Woodsboro. With no clear pattern or suspects, Gale (Elizabeth Banks) and Dewey (David Schwimmer) must solve the case the old-fashioned way. All bets are off in the final showdown.   

Fun Facts

FUN FACT #1 This film was based on the Gale Weathers' book "Knife of the Hunter."

FUN FACT #2 The subtitle "Knife of the Hunter" was never shown in the Scream movies on posters, DVD cases or on screen. It was added on the fan created DVD covers. So, it may not actually be part of the title of the film.

FUN FACT #3 The original title of both the book and movie were "Under the Mask" before it was changed to "Knife of the Hunter." Some fan created promo artwork still exists with the old title on it. 

FUN FACT #4 In Scream 4, it was stated that Sidney threated to sue the studio if they used her story after Stab 3, so it's safe to assume that the Sidney character wasn't used again. However, in Scream 5, the killer says “Sidney was in all the Stab movies, except the last one.” So, who's right? We don't know and apparently neither do the writers of the Scream movies.

Cast and Crew


Elizabeth Banks  as  Gale Weathers
David Schwimmer  as  Dewey Riley
Lucy Hale  as  Sherrie
Shanae Grimes  as  Trudie
Kristen Bell  as  Chloe
Anna Paquin  as  Rachel
Sarah Michelle Gellar  as  Unknown
Roger Jackson  as  Ghost Face


Directed By
Max Feinberg

Written By
Will Kennison

Music By
Marco Beltrami

Produced By
Don Crosby
Bill Birch
Floyd Malone
Fred Rifkin