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10 years after witnessing her mother’s murder, Claire Matthews returns to her hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire for her High School reunion. She’s greeted by old friends, a rising body count and a ghost that wants her dead.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 At the time of filming, the Ghost Face mask was not available for use, so a new mask was chosen for the movie.

Fun Fact #2 Production began in late August 2020 and wrapped in October 2020.

Fun Fact #3 Dave Allen was originally cast as Lance and had to be replaced. Ethan Rodgers took over the role.

Fun Fact #4  Kia Powell was originally slated to play Deidre Porter but quit production so the role was taken over by Ashley Swank.

Fun Fact #5 Rachel Alexandria Arnold was originally slated to play Piper but due to health reasons she had to quit production and the role was taken over by Stephanie Maheu. Once Rachel was feeling better, she was given the role of Miranda, whom she named.

Fun Fact #6 Two other actors were cast in the role of Seth Hudson before Brendon Antel took over.

Fun Fact #6 The Ghost robe was custom made specifically for the film. The robe borrows elements from Scream 1, 2, 3 and 4. The robe was created by Instagram user, @screamrobes, and you can order any version including the Stab reboot robe from him via direct messaging.

Cast and Crew


Hannah Madison  as  Claire Matthews
Mark Haggett  as  Detective Ryan Kincaid
Christopher Jacques  as  Officer Kevin Kincaid
Stephanie Maheu  as  Piper Belmont
Joshua Patrick Dudley  as  Jackson Duval
Nicole Linton  as  Cordelia Collins
Ashley Swank  as  Deidre Porter
Ethan Rodgers  as  Lance Weston
Adam Preston  as  Trevor Smith
Sheri Lee  as  Olivia Shaw
Jack Stanis  as  Seth Hudson
Rachel Alexandria Arnold  as  Miranda
Brendon Antel  as  Derek Hughes
Arianna Prescott  as  Young Claire Matthew
Corey Dudley  as  The Goblin
Matt Sullivan  as  Henchman #1
Adam Preston  as  Henchman #2
Livia Austin  as  News Anchor
Zachary Wally  as  Police Officer
Beth-Anne Mason  as  911 Operator
Michael Chaisson  as  The Voice of The Ghost


Written By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Directed By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Music By
Joe Walker

Executive Producers
Joshua Patrick Dudley