Stab (1998)

The Story of Stab

After the initial Ghost Face killing spree in the town of Woodsboro, depicted in the original Scream, reporter and eyewitness Gale Weathers wrote a sensationalized, tabloid-style chronicle of the events, titled The Woodsboro Murders. Sunrise Studios then purchased the rights to Weathers’ book and brought in veteran horror producer John Milton to develop it into a slasher film (with an eye toward a new franchise). He in turn brought in filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who had recently collaborated on two projects with Quentin Tarantino: the anthology film Four Rooms and the vampire action-thriller From Dusk Till Dawn. (This last entry is likely what made Milton consider Rodriguez for the Stab gig.)

Rodriguez brought in Tori Spelling to play the lead role as Sidney Prescott, reflecting Sidney’s own casting prediction, made casually to friends during the real life Woodsboro killings. The cast also included David Schwimmer as Dewey Riley, Luke Wilson as Billy Loomis, and Heather Graham as Casey Becker, who like Drew Barrymore in the original Scream gets murdered during the infamous Stab cold open. (In the hyper-titillating world of Stab, she’s taking a shower to prepare for movie night, rather than just focusing on the popcorn.) We would later learn in Scream 3 they were joined by up-and-coming actress Jennifer Jolie — not a real life actor but an actual fictional character! — as Gale Weathers.

This original Stab cast list got even more filled in years later in the fifth Scream film when Tara Carpenter opened up the Stab IMDb page, revealing Vince Vaughn as Stu Macher, Alicia Silverstone as Tatum Riley, Craig Bierko as Cotton Weary, and Ron Howard as Principal Arthur Himbry. In real life, many of these actors were considered for their fictional Stab roles in the original Scream, though Howard’s inclusion is no doubt because he co-starred on Happy Days with the actual Arthur Himbry actor, Henry Winkler.

Two new scenes from the original Stab were revealed in Scream 5 that show Randy discussing the rules of surviving a horror movie and the scene with him on the couch and the killer behind him.

Stab‘s plot follows the basic outline of the first Scream movie, with few key, largely shower-related, deviations. And probably the gutting of Kenny instead of his slit throat, to match the book the movie was base don. A masked killer known as Ghost Face stalks the town of Woodsboro. He makes Sidney Prescott his primary target, having murdered her mother Maureen the year before. At the end, Ghost Face is revealed to be a collaborative effort between Billy and Stu Macher.

Based on the book by Gale Weathers, this is the true story of the infamous Woodsboro murders. An innocent teenagers and her friends are terrorized by a killer who dons a terrifying ghost mask.

Critics are calling "Stab" the scariest movie in years! With the hottest, hippest cast, Stab is the heart-stopping thriller you wouldn't dare miss. Based on the #1 Bestseller "The Woodsboro Murders" by reporter Gale Weathers, Stab tells the true story of a young woman, Sidney Prescott, stalked by a serial killer in a town where anyone could be the next victim... or the next suspect!

Tori Spelling (TV's 90210) stars in this cleverly-plotted thriller, along with an offbeat cast of all-stars , including David Schwimmer (TV's Friends) and Luke Wilson (Home Fries). Don't miss this horror movie for the ages, a nonstop thrill ride as hilarious as it is terrifying!

Fun Facts

FUN FACT #1 This movie is based off of Gale Weathers' second book, "The Woodsboro Murders."

FUN FACT #2 There are three different directors credited as directing this movie. One is Fred Rifkin, who's name was used in promotional materials for Scream 3. The other is Robert Rodriquez who was given the credit onscreen by Wes Craven in Scream 4, and actually directed the sequences from the movie we've seen. The third is Cary Granat who is credited with directing the movie on the Stab poster and sneak preview tickets.

FUN FACT #3 There's actually another actress credited as playing Gale in the first Stab. Her name is Lori Thomas. Her name was used in promotional materials for Scream 3.

FUN FACT #4 In the first Scream, Sidney lamented if they made her life into a movie, they'd probably cast Tori Spelling as her. And they did!

FUN FACT #5 In Scream 5, the killer  mistakenly tells Tara that Sidney's character was in all of the Stab films except the last one, which, if you've seen Scream 4, you know that's not correct. But apparently now it is.

FUN FACT #6 The scene from Scream 5 that shows Randy with the killer behind him is the only time the Fun World version of the Ghost Face costume is ever shown in a Stab film inside of Scream. Which makes no sense because in the opening scene we see the actual costume.

FUN FACT #7 On the promotional website for Scream 3, Joey Garfield was credited as playing Randy in Stab and Stab 2, but since the release of Scream 5, we now know he is actually played by Christopher Speed. Although he was never on an episode of Dr. Quinn, he is now the official Randy of Stab!

Cast and Crew


Tori Spelling  as  Sidney Prescott
Jennifer Jolie  as  Gale Weathers
David Schwimmer  as  Dewey Riley
Christopher Speed  as  Randy Meeks
Luke Wilson  as  Billy Loomis
Heather Graham  as  Casey Becker
Vince Vaughn   as  Stu Macher
Alicia Silverstone  as  Tatum Riley
Craig Bierko   as  Cotton Weary
Unknown  as  Steven Orth (This character may not be in the film)
Unknown  as  Mr. Becker (This character may not be in the film)
Unknown  as  Mrs. Becker (This character may not be in the film)
Unknown  as  Sheriff Burke
Unknown  as  Kenny Jones
Ron Howard  as  Arthur Himbry
Unknown  as  Neil Prescott
Unknown  as  Hank Loomis (This character may not be in the film)
Roger Jackson  as  Ghost Face