Stab 3: Holiday Horror (2023)

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A year after her brother was convicted of a brutal killing spree, Cassie Kennedy returns home to prove his innocence. But when her brother escapes from prison and a new string of murders begin, Cassie starts to wonder if there really is no place like home for the holidays.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 The subtitle “Holiday Horror” is a parody of the original subtitle for Stab 3 “Hollywood Horror.”

Fun Fact #2 Before production began, 5 actors had to be replaced after backing out last minute. Luckily no re-writes were necessary. 

Fun Fact #3 All of the snow in the movie is REAL! We filmed in some freezing cold temperatures and feet of snow, sometimes during actual blizzards, just to give the movie that extra Christmas-y feel!

Fun Fact #4 There is a special version of the Ghost Face robe, featured in the movie, designed to look like Santa Claus.

Fun Fact #5 Ghost Face was played by 4 different actors in the costume.

More coming soon!



Anna Belmonte  as  Cassie Kennedy
Ashley Swank  as  Ava Foster
Teddy Pryor  as  Aiden Price
Joshua Patrick Dudley  as  Wyatt Ross
Emilee Powell  as  Emma Barnes
Erika Otte  as  Kinsley Reed
Jamie-Lynn Hazzard  as  Harper Evans
Corey Dudley  as  Xander Moore
Kristen Wood  as  Charlotte Valentine
David Afflick  as  Detective Jack Hudson
Douglas Graves  as  Detective Nolan Pierce
Joey Sebald  as  Liam Olson
Henry Columbare  as  Mason Kennedy
Daylen Casteel  as  Colton Chase
Katrina Chamberlain  as  Chloe Chase
Kaytee Houghton  as  Lucy Walker
Mia Gaudette  as  Kylie Scott
Justin Howdyshell  as  The Voice


Written & Directed by
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Assistant Director
Matthew Arseneault

Music by
Seth Hise

Executive Producer
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Corey Dudley
Joey Sebald
Freezingpoiint Studios
Daylen Casteel