Stab 6: Ghostface Returns

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After more of the Stab 4 cast is brutally murdered, reporter Kylie Scott, now the author of a book entitled "Manchester Massacre,"convinces the StabMovies Team to begin production on a new Stab 5, based on the "real life" murders of the cast of Stab 4: Fresh Blood.

To cast this new "inspired-by-another-true-story" film, production also begins on a Stab Reality/Competition television show, where contestants compete for four roles in the new Stab 5.

The only problem is: once you become a cast member of a Stab movie... someone... somewhere... wants you dead.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 Stab 6: Ghostface Returns is third feature length film.

Fun Fact #2 Joshua Patrick Dudley says that Stab 6 is his favorite of all's Stab films.

Fun Fact #3 The entire movie was filmed in under 2 weeks.

Fun Fact #4 Four actors refused to return to production, so their characters were killed off screen. Jennifer Sue Mallard went into hiding after Stab 5 and no one knows where she is. Alicia Vigeant and Marcel Robinson were both killed in a drunk driving car accident after the Stab 4: Fresh Blood wrap party. Brett W. Mallard passed away from a heart attack.

Fun Fact #5 If Jennifer Sue Mallard had returned, the original opening featured her and Joshua watching Scream 4, before Joshua attacks and kills her to complete Stab 5. Jennifer is later murdered in the second version of Stab 7, though never seen on screen.

Fun Fact #6 Stab 6 has more killers than any of the Stab or Scream movies.

Fun Fact #7 The ending of Stab 6 is actually one of the unused endings written for Scream 2, with some alterations. So many fans wanted to see this alternate ending brought to life, so we decided to make their dreams come true.

Cast and Crew


Stephanie Maheu  as  Shannon Nightingale
Joshua Patrick Dudley  as  Joshua Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold  as  Rachel Arnold
Mandi Russell  as  Dylan Roberts
Heidi Nicolle  as  Kylie Scott
Jeff Davis  as  Corey Waters
Christian Ryan  as  Ryan Carpenter
Erica Browning  as  Lacey Sims
Fredrick L. L. Collier  as  Chason Elliot
Cara Shields  as  Hayden Schwartz
Charlie Eager  as  Charlie Cooper
Ashley Younger  as  Elise Porter
Chris O'Brocki  as  Erik Riley
Kwame Berry  as  Jamie Emerson
Nicole Ward  as  Tamara Tillman
Chris Wilson  as  Mike Hicks
Nicole Linton  as  Maria Kelley
Alex Stapf  as  Bridget Trumble
Donna Amato  as  Donna Dube
Laura Coleman  as  Laura Coleman
Adam Kaufmann  as  Adam Kaufmann
Arielle F. Kaplan  as  Veronica Clark
Chris Dube  as  Chris Dube


Written By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Directed By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Music By
Marco Beltrami

Executive Producers
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold