Thursday the 12th (2015)

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A young couple lost in an abandoned zoo discover how quickly Thursday the 12th turns into Friday the 13th.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 Thursday the 12th is a short film produced for in tribute to the Friday the 13th films. Jason is the first well-known movie killer that we've done besides Ghost Face!

Fun Fact #2 This short film was filmed on location at an abandoned zoo in Griffith Park in Hollywood, CA! It is one of our only films filmed outside of our home state of New Hampshire.

Fun Fact #3 This short film was the third short film released as part of our 12 Months of Terror, which was never completed and ended with "Cinco" in May.

Fun Fact #4 A group our our fans found us, and scared the shit out of us, while we were filming.

Fun Fact #5 Nicole's death was originally planned to be a lot more gruesome, with her having a hand cut off and then being impaled to the tree. However, much our of equipment was lost in shipping so we had to improvise.

Cast and Crew


Nicole Linton  as  Girl
Patrick Stewart  as  Boy
Ruben Morales  as  Jason Voorhees


Written By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Directed By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Executive Producers
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Nicole Linton
Patrick Stewart