The Gates (2012)

IMDb - Script

A team of paranormal investigators visit a cemetery in search of answers to an old ghost story and get more than they bargained for.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 The Gates is based on a true story, the backstory about the ghosts is actually a local urban legend in New Hampshire and the cemetery seen in camera is actually said to be haunted.

Fun Fact #2 The Gates is the only one of our films written by Rachel Alexandria Arnold.

Fun Fact #3 The Gates was originally released as part of our "Trifecta of Terror" which included Stabbed, The Gates and Bloodlines.

Fun Fact #4 The Gates was re-released with updated effects and edits.

Cast and Crew


Rachel Alexandria Arnold  as  Zoey
Stephanie Maheu  as  Willow
Jeff Davis  as  Logan
Shana Roystan  as  Holly
Chris Dube  as  Ace


Written By
Rachel Alexandria Arnold

Directed By
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Executive Producers
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold