Stab 7

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Five years have passed since the events of Stab 6: Ghostface Returns. Rachel and Kylie have successfully gotten away with plotting the deaths of their reality television show cast and are plotting another string of murders. Kylie has released a sequel to her first book, Manchester Massacre 2, and Rachel has turned both books into movies, Stab 5 and Stab 6, which received mixed reviews.

Desperate to produce another Stab movie, Rachel and Kylie decide to take a more hands-on approach and produce the new string of murders themselves, writing their new book and movie as they go and mashing up famous horror icons with Ghostface! But with Jennifer Mallard and Shannon Nightingale in hiding… who will play their final girl?

A Stab TV series is also about to hit the air, after Rachel lost the rights to the franchise, and another killer is targeting the same people as Rachel’s Ghostface… the cast of the Stab TV series! The Stab TV series revolves around Sarah Campbell’s daughter, basically expanding upon the story of Stab 4: Fresh Blood. Are the TV show murders connected to the original cast of Stab 4?

Dylan Roberts is also back, with a new crime-fighting partner, Barbara O’Malley, trying to solve the case before more of the cast is murdered. Still healing from her near death experience, Dylan can’t seem to get the story straight. Can her new partner help her solve the case before it’s too late?

One thing’s for sure: in the finale all the rules get broken.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 This would have been the fifth Stab film, but production was shut down, again, due to actors quitting.

Fun Fact #2 This film took a year off in the middle of filming, to compensate for the actors who quit. Joshua did multiple rewrites of the script, added in 2 new characters and filming began again. Only to have more actors quit.

Fun Fact #3 Ghost Face gets mashed up with other horror icons in this film including Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees, Billy from Saw, The Red Devil from Scream Queens and Leatherface.

Fun Fact #4 The mask from the MTV show Scream joins the fun in Stab 7 as a second killer.

Fun Fact #5 Chris O'Brocki was supposed to return to play writer Will Kennison, who was famously credited as the writer for the first several Stab films.

Fun Fact #6  Stephanie Maheu came back for a guest stint, and a small part was written for her, involving the death of Shannon, however an alternate scene was filmed where Shannon had a second gun and shot the TV Killer, before escaping. There's also a 6 page extended version of the opening, that reveals that Shannon had been working with the new TV Killer. Furthermore, Shannon's death was not allowed to be shown on screen as Stephanie believes it's bad luck to die on screen. There was also a planned alternate ending, that involved Shannon coming back as one of the killers after escaping the TV Killer.

Fun Fact #7 The opening scene at the horror convention was filmed at a real horror convention in upstate New York.

Fun Fact #8 A re-release of the film that includes new scenes, new music, new edits, animations and storyboards is being prepped for 2024.

Cast and Crew


Stephanie Maheu  as  Shannon Nightingale
Joshua Patrick Dudley  as  Joshua Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold  as  Rachel Arnold
Mandi Russell  as  Dylan Roberts
Grace Paratore  as  Nora Walker/Tarah Campbell
Mark Haggett  as  Brody Nichols/Ace
Lindsey Klossner  as  Lainey Stark/Mercedes
Dave Allen  as  Ronnie Hewes/Duncan
Devin Trevena  as  Madison Burke/Victoria
Sheri Lee  as  Rory/Lennox
Quinlan Orleans-Aikins  as  Theo Harrelson
Hannah Madison  as  Barbara O'Malley
Amanda Boettcher  as  Mindy Truman/Nadia
Stephanie Hazen  as  Janelle Hertz/Gabriella
Tarah Nolan  as  Vanessa Reed
Kaitlyn Higgins  as  Fortune Teller
Erica James  as  Katie Sawyer
Ed Davis Jr.  as  Security Guard
Chris O'Brocki  as  Will Kennison


Written & Directed by
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Executive Producer
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Music by
Joe Walker

Stab TV Music by
Milen Petzelt-Sorace