Stab 2 (2022)

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Two years after the release of the Stab reboot a controversy unfolds. The real Claire Matthews has stepped into the spotlight, alleging that Joshua Dudley stole the idea for the Stab reboot from her real life. Rachel Arnold has released a tell-all book titled “Stabbed in the Back” chronicling the ordeal, which has been turned into a Lifetime movie with the same name.

Joshua vows to stop producing the Stab movies for YouTube but someone else has other plans. One by one the cast of the Stab reboot is murdered by Ghost Face, as the rest of the cast scrambles to figure out who’s behind the mask and how to survive.

Do the rules or surviving a horror movie still apply?

Did Joshua steal the idea for the Stab reboot from the real Claire Matthews?

Will the cast solve the mystery in time to save their lives?

The only thing that’s for sure is this is gonna hurt, more!

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 Stab 2 marks the return of the official Ghost Face mask.

Fun Fact #2 Like Stab 5, Stab 2 switches the events to "real life" where the actors from the previous films play themselves.

Fun Fact #3 Before production began, 3 actors had to be replaced after backing out last minute, forcing multiple rewrites and delaying production. One of the characters that had to be replaced was the killer in the movie!

Fun Fact #4 After production began, Jennifer Drummond had to be replaced due to a family emergency. She was replaced with Erika Otte. Jennifer's voice still appears as crime podcaster Jennifer Jolie.

Fun Fact #5 Stab 2 is the only one of our films where Joshua Patrick Dudley isn't in the costume once.

Fun Fact #6 Ghost Face was played by 4 different actors in the costume.

Fun Fact #7 Additional scenes with Corey, Mia, Emilee and the Uber Driver were added after production wrapped to increase the running time of the movie.

Fun Fact #8 Stab 2 is our first film filmed in 4K!

Cast and Crew


Joshua Patrick Dudley as Joshua Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold as Rachel Arnold
Erika Otte as Movie Claire/Erika Otte
Corey Dudley as Corey Dudley
Ethan Rodgers as Ethan Rodgers
Ashley Swank as Ashley Swank
Sheri Lee as Sheri Lee
Nicole Linton as Nicole Linton
Hannah Madison as Hannah Madison
Mark Haggett as Mark Haggett
Christopher Jacques as Christopher Jacques
Mackenzie Sweet as Mackenzie Sweet
Arianna Prescott as Arianna Madison
Michael Chaisson as The Voice of Ghost Face
Daylen Casteel as Movie Joshua/Daylen Casteel
Mia Gaudette as Movie Hannah/Mia Gaudette
Emilee Powell as Movie Piper/Emilee Powell
Henry Columbare as Uber Driver/Fan
Jessica Vigil as Kylie Scott
Chris Jones as Pizza Man
David Afflick as Detective


Written & Directed by
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Music by
Seth Hise

Executive Producer
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Rachel Alexandria Arnold
David Vigil
Daylen Casteel