Behind the Mask (2020)

A special look at every production in's 10 year history!

Featuring interviews with: Joshua Patrick Dudley, Rachel Alexandria Arnold, Stephanie Maheu, Nicole Linton, Mark Haggett, Laura Coleman, Lindsey Klossner, Hannah Madison, Dave Allen, Kia Powell, Brandon Vesci, Ashley Swank, Anthony Rainville, Hilary Lawson, Chris Dube, Steve Matluk, Corey Dudley, Chris O'Brocki, Arielle F. Kaplan, Arianna Prescott, Adam Preston, Sheri Lee, Ethan Rodgers and more!

To watch extended interviews with all the actors, visit the playlist on our YouTube:

We stopped creating the Behind the Mask documentary after Stab 2. It became too challenging to schedule the actors to come back for interviews after the movies were completed, especially since many of them are from out of state. Stab 3: Holiday Horror and on do not have Behind the Mask segments. We know this is disappointing and we apologize!

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