Lake House Whisper (2018)

After years apart, five lifelong friends reunite for a weekend of fun. What they get is anything but.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1 This is the only film released by that was not written and directed by Joshua Patrick Dudley.

Fun Fact #2 The footage of the news anchor is recycled from the film Theta.

Cast and Crew


Mark Haggett  as  Troy
Dave Allen  as  Brian
Sidney Atkin  as  Mary
Ryanne Harms  as  Kate
William Variz  as  Phil/Phil's Twin
Ron Young  as  Camp Owner
Kaleigh O'Connor  as  News Anchor


Written By
Mark Haggett

Directed By
Mark Haggett
William Variz

Music By
Greg Boyea

Executive Producer
Mark Haggett