Stab 2 (1998)

The Story of Stab 2

In a nod to Scream and its follow-up coming out within the space of a single year (albeit those two were technically at least in 1996 and 1997, respectively), Stab and its sequel were both released in 1998. It’s based on the events of the film Scream 2 and, once more, was inspired by a Gale Weathers book — in this case, College Terror. (She’s not super-great with titles.) Original “Stab” filmmaker Robert Rodriguez returned to the franchise for the sequel, apparently in the same year that he also directed the very REAL horror film The Faculty. His fictional counterpart was keeping admirably busy!

Spelling, Schwimmer, and Jolie reprised their lead roles as Sidney, Dewey, and Gale, while — going by Scream 3‘s script, albeit not mentioned in the film — Christine Hamilton joined the cast as murdered Windsor College student Cici Cooper (who was played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scream 2). After the film was made, Hamilton started a real-life relationship with the real Cotton Weary, the innocent man whom Sidney had initially held responsible for her mother’s death before Billy and Stu’s involvement was made clear. (Not Craig Bierko, the actor playing him in the Stab films. Keep it straight.) Sadly, in the opening scene of Scream 3, both Cotton and Christine are murdered by the new Ghostface.

It’s worth noting that we never actually see any footage from the film Stab 2 in the Scream franchise. All of our knowledge about it has been pieced together from information we find out in Scream 3, when we finally meet producer John Milton and visit Sunrise Studios.

It's the terrifying sequel to everyone's favorite horror film, Stab! A true story based on the novel "College Terror: The Woodsboro Horror Continues..." by ace reporter Gale Weathers, the thrilling Stab 2 finds lovely young Sidney Prescott (Tori Spelling) at college, trying to put her tragic and horrifying past behind her.

But when history repeats itself, Sidney and her Stab friends must survive dozens of clever twists and turns in a plot that never lets you catch your breath. It's up to Gale Weathers (Jennifer Jolie) and Deputy Dewey (David Schwimmer) to catch the killer before it's too late.

Director Robert Rodriguez and prolific hitmaker Will Kennison deliver again in the freshest, twistiest, mind-blowing roller-coaster-ride ever seen!

Fun Facts

FUN FACT #1 This movies is based off of Gale's third book “College Terror” AKA "The Windsor College Murders."

FUN FACT #2 The title of "The Windsor College Murders" was changed by a prop creator in Scream 4 to "College Terror: The Woodsboro Horror Continues..."

FUN FACT #3 No portion of this film has ever been seen, only posters of it were shown in Scream 3.

FUN FACT #4 This film also originally boasted the name Fred Rifkin as director and was later replaced, by fan assumption, with Robert Rodriguez.

FUN FACT #5 The trailer, which can be viewed above, was released as promotion material for Scream 3 and features the actors you don't know in the credits below.

FUN FACT #6 On the promotional website for Scream 3, Joey Garfield was credited as playing Randy in Stab and Stab 2, but since the release of Scream 5, we now know he is actually played by Christopher Speed. Although he was never on an episode of Dr. Quinn, he is now the official Randy of Stab!

Cast and Crew


Tori Spelling  as  Sidney Prescott
Jennifer Jolie  as  Gale Weathers
David Schwimmer  as  Dewey Riley
Christopher Speed  as  Randy Meeks
Dusty Penn  as  Derek Feldman
Craig Bierko  as  Cotton Weary
Christine Hamilton  as  Casey "Cici" Cooper
KC Storm as  Mickey Altieri
Lauren Velez  as  Hallie McDaniel
Melissa Breaux  as  Maureen Evans
Henry Young  as  Joel Jones
Frank Harris  as  Phil Stevens
Vivian Guzman  as  Sister Lois
Angela Kong  as  Sister Murphy
Roger Jackson as Ghost Face


Directed By
Robert Rodriquez

Written By
Will Kennison

Music By
Dante Paltrow

Produced By
John Milton
Don Crosby
Bill Birch
Floyd Malone
Fred Rifkin
Jerry Rapp