Stab 5: Clock of Doom (2005)

The Story of Stab 5: Clock of Doom

According to Woodsboro High student and Stab franchise aficionado Jenny Randall, the fifth film contains a time travel element and was widely considered to be the worst entry in the series by fans until the release of the particularly divisive Stab 8. Otherwise, not much is known about Stab 5 and there’s no footage from the film in any Scream movie. 

No actual storyline has ever been released for this movie, though in Scream 4 we learn that Stab 5 used time travel as a plot device! So, here's what I came up with:

Stab 5: Clock of Doom will take you time-traveling through the ages. Gale Weathers (Jessica Alba) must face her fears when history repeats itself and Ghost Face re-emerges just after Gale begins a new intern job at Top Story Entertainment. Gale quickly learns the murders are connected to her hometown and it’s seedy past.  Armed with a special watch, Gale travels through time, battling Ghost Face across decades and defending her lineage. Can Gale unmask the Ghost Face killer before her time runs out? This one’s gonna hurt the most! 

Based on the best selling crime novel of the same name by reporter Gale Weathers.

Fun Facts

FUN FACT #1 This film was based on the Gale Weathers' book "Clock of Doom."

FUN FACT #2 In Scream 4, this film is referred to as the worst film in the franchise due to its use of time travel.

FUN FACT #3 The subtitle "Clock of Doom" was never shown in the Scream movies on posters, DVD cases or on screen. It was added on the fan created DVD covers. So, it may not actually be part of the title of the film.

FUN FACT #4 The fan-made DVD case shows a larger version of the Buck 120 and the handle is facing backwards! Oops!

FUN FACT #5 In Scream 4, it was stated that Sidney threated to sue the studio if they used her story after Stab 3, so it's safe to assume that the Sidney character wasn't used again. However, in Scream 5, the killer says “Sidney was in all the Stab movies, except the last one.” So, who's right? We don't know and apparently neither do the writers of the Scream movies.

Cast and Crew


Jessica Alba  as  Young Gale Weathers
Elizabeth Banks  as  Adult Gale Weathers
David Boreanaz  as  Unknown
Marley Shelton  as  Unknown
Roger Jackson  as  Ghost Face


Directed By
Max Feinberg

Written By
Will Kennison

Music By
Marco Beltrami

Produced By
Don Crosby
Bill Birch
Floyd Malone
Fred Rifkin