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Stab 7 Members Only Video

Members only video! You must join our YouTube channel to be gain access to this video. Check out the storyboarded scene of Mindy's death that will be included in the re-release of Stab 7! This version is missing music, but…

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Stab 7 Re-Release Poster

We are working on replacing all of the missing scenes in Stab 7 with animations, storyboards and possibly filming a couple! The re-release will also feature all new music from our amazing composer Joe Walker and Michael Chaisson returns as…

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Scream 2022 Uses Our Stab Logos!

What an honor to have the Stab logos we made featured in the newest Scream film!

Our Stab 7 logo, minus the 7 and turned red, can first be seen on Tara's phone in the opening scene and then…

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As of today, June 24, 2020, we have been on YouTube for a decade! We can never thank you all enough for your constant support, love, and patience as we dealt with the many obstacles we overcame to reach this…

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Stab 7 Cut Scene (video)

This scene was filmed for Stab 7 (on an iPhone after we ran over our camera) and was forgotten in the final edit of the film. So it's not really a cut scene, more of a forgotten scene. Featuring the…

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New Stab 7: KOTH Script Book

Our next script re-release is Stab 7: Knife of the Hunter and it's available now! Featuring new images, interviews with the cast and a new foreword by Joshua Patrick Dudley! Save an extra 15% by using code ONEFIVE at checkout…

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New Script Books

We're re-releasing all of our scripts as books. These new versions include the entire shooting script, new pictures, edits, brand new layouts and a special foreword written by writer/director Joshua Patrick Dudley! The new version of #Stab7 is the…

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Scripts Now Available Everywhere

Our scripts for Stab 4, Stab 5, Stab 6, Theta and all of our short films are now available at Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million! Just search for Joshua Patrick Dudley.

You can also purchase digital copies…

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Stab 7 Released!

Stab 7 has officially been released... well, everything that was filmed before production shut down!

Thank you all for the support, we hope you enjoy!