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Make a Short Stab Film for Our YouTube!

Guidelines for Stab Fan Films 

1. The film must be under 20 minutes. 
2. The film must feature Ghost Face on camera. (Ghost Face has its own terms and conditions of use that you can read below.) 

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Become an Official Stabber!

You can now JOIN and become an OFFICIAL STABBER of's YouTube! So many perks are included in joining including: Exclusive members-only videos, Member shout-outs, Priority reply to comments and the best one of all: Early access to new videos…

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Live Interview with Randy from Stab!

Mark your calendars! This Sunday, January 23, we will be interviewing Christopher Speed AKA Randy from #Stab in the new #Scream movie! We will be live streaming on YouTube at 7 PM EST! We will only be live for a…

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Behind the Mask of Stab [video]

Learn how the Stab reboot was made by watching interviews and behind the scenes footage with the cast of Stab! Featuring interviews with Joshua Patrick Dudley, Hannah Madison, Mark Haggett, Christopher Jacques, Nicole Linton, Ashley Swank, Ethan Rodgers, Adam Preston…

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As of today, June 24, 2020, we have been on YouTube for a decade! We can never thank you all enough for your constant support, love, and patience as we dealt with the many obstacles we overcame to reach this…

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We just uploaded a bunch of our short films featuring commentary from writer/director Joshua Patrick Dudley!

Check them all out on our YouTube channel!


We have passed 22 MILLION views on YouTube! We can't thank you all enough for your support and for continuing to watch our films!