The Mystery of the Missing Gale Weathers Book

The mystery book. Does it exist? No one knows…

Gale MUST have written a book based on the events of Scream 4. Throughout the ENTIRE MOVIE she is writing a book based on what's happening around her! So… did she ever finish it? Was it ever published? Why wasn't it turned into a Stab movie before the dreaded Stab (8) came out? We think Stab (8) was very loosely based on Scream 4 and also introduced the Judy Hicks character, but that movie wasn't based on one of Gale's books and WHERE IS GALE'S BOOK FOR IT TO BE BASED ON?! There's a book based on the events of Scream 5, so why wouldn't Gale write one based on 4? Characters in Scream 6 also noted that Requel wasn't going to be made into a movie like all of Gale's other books, which means we can assume her previous, unknown, novel existed and had another Stab based on it? Is there really a Stab 9? And if so, why wouldn't that version have come out before Stab (8)?

I think the Scream 5 and Scream 6 team kinda just forgot to include another book, even though they remembered to add in Gale's “Stabbed in the Back” that has never existed inside the universe. Even the cover art for “Stabbed in the Back” was fan art that I made way back in the day, based on info from the Scream 3 websites, and they replicated it for Scream 6! (I also made covers for “Wrongly Accused” and “The Windsor College Murders” [which is what “College Terror” was originally titled] based on info from those websites, and they have circulated the internet for years as the official cover art.) The Scream team was too busy looking for what was already out there to remember that there IS another Gale book somewhere… and I'm gonna find it!