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News and Updates

Live Interview with Randy from Stab!

Mark your calendars! This Sunday, January 23, we will be interviewing Christopher Speed AKA Randy from #Stab in the new #Scream movie! We will be live streaming on YouTube at 7 PM EST! We will only be live for a…

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Stab 8 Poster

Here's our version of the Stab 8 AKA Stab poster seen on screen in the fifth Scream film.

Scream 2022 Uses Our Stab Logos!

What an honor to have the Stab logos we made featured in the newest Scream film!

Our Stab 7 logo, minus the 7 and turned red, can first be seen on Tara's phone in the opening scene and then…

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Stab 8 Revealed in New Scream

In the fifth Scream, we learn that an eighth Stab movie has been released semi-recently. Directed by “The Knives Out guy,” Stab 8 dropped the number system, simply calling itself Stab, which was one of many things that set…

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Stab re-do

What do you think of our photo-realistic recreation of the #Stab poster with our new knife from @burkbenchdesigns on instagram?

Burkbench Does it Again!

Check out all the awesome new stuff we received from our partner @burkbenchdesigns on instagram!

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New Official Stab T-Shirts

We're expanding our collection of official #Stab logo T-Shirts, like the one seen in #Scream4! Collect them all! More coming soon! https://teespring.com/stores/stabmoviescom-store

Create Your Own Stab!

Hello Stabbers! We want to see your fan edits of the Stab reboot! We will be uploading all of the footage from the film to our YouTube channel, each scene will be uploaded individually and will have all of the…

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